Weekly VTUBER Ranking ☆ Apr. 5 ☆ ARK War, Okakoro singing , Typing King and many more videos were on top!


The “Weekly VTuber Ranking” shows you what videos and live broadcasts have been viewed on the net in the virtual YouTuber industry over the past week. In this issue, we bring you the top 20 results from the March 30-April 5 roundup.

The “Niji Sanji ARK War” is still showing its presence in the VTuber industry. This week, ” [ ARK ] Gunpowder Storage [ ARK Survival ]” took the top spot again, and Kuzuha-san’s channel has been ranked #1 for 3 weeks in a row.

No.2 is “Hyadyne No Jo Jo Yu Jo” by Okayu Nekomat and Korone Inugami, No.4 is “Discommu Seijin” by Pekora Usuda, No.11 is “Angel Fish” by Suisei Hoshimachi and Kanata Amane.

No. 5: “[#Nijisanji Typing King] Who’s fast at typing! Masaru Suzuki/Nijisanji]” at No.7, “[#Houshou Marine proliferating] A plan to find the Marine from among the Marine pretending to be the Marine ” at No.13, “Hololive Kindergarten – New kindergartners want to be No.1 too! ~The collaboration project was also prominent.

In the 18th to 20th places, the results jumped to variety, with Tojiro Gentsuki, Haru Kaida and Kei Nagao, along with three newcomers from NIJI Sanji’s “VΔLZ” (Waltz).

No.20: [First delivery] I apologize first. I’m sorry for the turmoil. The Phoenix’s Nagao Kei.
Nagao Kei
Number of Views: 202999 Post Date: 2020/4/4


No.19: [First delivery] Nice to meet you, I’m Haru Kaida! [Niji Sanji]
Haru Kaida
Number of Views: 208463 Post Date: 2020/4/4


No.18: [First Delivery] I eat demons to exorcise demons. Tojiro Gentsuki / NIJISANJI
Tojiro Gentsuki
Number of Views:219206 Post Date:2020/4/4



17:Moon‼ full ver. / Mito Tsukino [New 3D Costume Debut/Original Song]
Mito Tsukino
Number of Views: 228125 Post Date: 2020/4/4


No. 16: [ASMR] NEW KU100, for those who can’t sleep, you’ll fall asleep involuntarily. Gentle Whispering and over 10 ASMR Triggered Ear cleaning , Whispering [Patra Suo/ honeystrap]
Patra Suo
Number of Views: 247140 Post Date: 2020/3/31

No.15: 【ARK】We’ll be the strongest! Let’s go to the 100 Rabe Cave! [Niji Sanji]
Minato Fuwa
Number of Views: 255944 Post Date: 2020/3/31

No.14: Yes, let’s talk about a month and a half of this [Era Otogibara/Niji Sanji].
Era Otogibara
Number of Views: 269047 Post Date: 2020/4/4

No. 13: Hololive Kindergarten – New kids want to be No. 1 too! ~
Mio Ogami
Number of Views: 273106 Post Date: 2020/4/5

No.12: [ARK] TEK Tyrano’s twins were born [Akina Saegusa / Niji Sanji].
Akina Saegusa
Number of Views: 282992 Post Date: 2020/4/1

No.11: Angel Fish / Suisei Hoshimachi x Amane Kanata (Cover)
Suisei Hoshimachi
Number of Views: 310461 Post Date: 2020/3/30

No.10: 【Sumabura SP】A real battle with audience participation! This time, I’ve prepared a “secret plan”… [Minato Aqua/horolive].
Aqua Minato
Number of Views: 325298 Post Date: 2020/4/4

No. 9: #24 [ Ark: Survival Evolved ] Do you want to go to the cave? While gathering materials, [ Ars Almal/NIJI-SANJI].
Ars Almal
Number of Views: 334827 Post Date: 2020/3/30


No.8: [ Anime ] I’ve slipped…
HoloLive Official
Number of Views: 353913 Post Date: 2020/4/5

No.7: [#Marine Houshou proliferating] A project to find the marine among the marine pretending to be a marine
Kanata Amane
Number of Views: 360037 Post Date: 2020/4/1

No. 6: Ui-On-Steji
Ui Shigure
Number of Views: 364313 Post Date: 2020/3/31

No. 5: [#Nijisanji Typing King] Who’s faster at typing! Niji Sanji Typing King [Masaru Suzuki / Niji Sanji].
Masaru Suzuki
Number of Views: 376999 Post Date: 2020/4/4

No.4 : Discommu Seijin / Pekora Usada(cover)
Pekora Usada
Number of Views: 379776 Post Date: 2020/4/4

No.3: [Manga] The result of a female distributor’s sudden call to her collaborator “Papa” [Manga Video] Niji Sanji☆Puchi Sanji VTuber
Niji Sanji official
Number of Views: 409262 Post Date: 2020/4/1

No.2:[ 1st Anniversary ] Hyadyne No Jo Jo Yu Jo / Okakoro [ Singing ]
Korone Inugami
Number of Views: 481224 Post Date: 2020/4/1

1 Item:[ARK] Gunpowder Storage【 ARK Survival 】.
Number of Views: 501839 Post Date: 2020/3/30

*The videos posted by VTubers registered in the user local “Virtual YouTuber Ranking”, or videos with high relevance, are independently selected, with the top 20 selected from those with the highest number of views.

*Since we want to introduce many VTubers, we rank one video per channel.

*If you are not allowed to embed the video on YouTube, or if the video is too long to embed, we have posted links to it.

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